Allison // Senior Photos at Deep Ellum

Last week I did portraits for Allison, a high school senior. Senior portraits are how I started my photography business. It began when a few friends asked me to do their photos, I did them free, of course. (Actually I think they bought me a meal.) Then other people started asking me, and I thought, "well I guess I could charge for this". I started doing super inexpensive shoots to build my portfolio. I loved it. I don't do too many senior photos anymore, but everytime I do I remember how much I enjoy them. Usually with family photos there's a person that doesn't want to be photographed or a kiddo that just wants to run around (don't blame them). But with all the seniors I've shot, they're always stoked to be there, stoked to try out new things or find new backgrounds. Allison was no different, she was willing to sit in a slightly abandoned store, throw confetti (biodegradable, of course) and lean against the countless walls that there are scattered across Deep Ellum. Hopefully she was just as stoked with her photos she received.

If you're looking to do a senior photoshoot you can book online here and use the code "senior" for 10% off!

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