Elegant Lakeside Wedding // Filter Building // Dallas Wedding Photographer

Oh how I loved this wedding. If a wedding's success was measured on good vibes, this one shot through the roof. The entire wedding captured the unique love between Patrick and Tracey. It was a gorgeous day at the Filter Building. Patrick had built with his own two hands numerous pieces featured at the wedding (including the main altarpiece and the bar!) Tracey and her dad's first look was amazing— he looked overjoyed seeing her all done up. My cheeks hurt from smiling throughout the entire interaction. And then Patrick seeing his bride for the first time— wowzers. It was so emotional and beautiful. It was, how I think all brides want their future husbands to react for the first time. If I was Tracey I would have felt like the most gorgeous person in the ENTIRE world walking down that aisle. And then the reception was so incredibly fun. They had family from Canada, and boy do they know how to turn up. It was definitely one for the books. Congrats y'all!

If you're getting married in Dallas, greater Texas, Colorado or even having a destination wedding, I'd love to be your photographer! Send me a message and let's chat!

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