Grapevine Botanical Gardens // Jase // Dallas Senior Photographer

I don't photograph guys very often, except occasionally during senior season. And normally they're all less than stoked to be there. But Jase was a fantastic model—always down to try different poses and ideas.

A couple of tips if you're a guy looking to schedule a photo session.

1. Wear something that shows off your personality and feels authentic to you. If you're a jeans guy, wear jeans.

2. Try some color! My favorites are jewel tones, greens, rich reds, deep blues. Anything too bright, neon colored or pasteled just doesn't photograph as well.

3. Stick with solid colors or bold prints. Smaller prints (tiny dots, stripes, etc.) can look too busy and can create a dizzying effect on camera. Go with a bold plaid or checker, or keep it solid.

4. Navy over black! Black can cast some unflattering shadows, so if you want to go dark, stick with navy.

5. Don't wear any logos!

6. Wear a watch. Watches make great posing aids. I use the "pretend to check the time" or "adjust your watch band" frequently.

7. Trim your facial hair, but don't shave it off if you rock a beard normally. Definitely do some upkeep the day before your shoot, but if you normally have facial hair, keep it! You want to look like yourself.

8. Put in a little extra hair gel. This helps for flyaways and wind.

9. Bring a prop that shows off your personality. If you're a guitar player, bring your guitar, if you're a football player, bring a ball. Not only will these show off your personality but they'll also help you pose!

10. Don't forget to relax! It's just photos. Loosen up, shake it off, and have some fun!

You can book your senior photoshoot here!

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