Walking 14.1 miles in Paris

Hey! So I moved to #France (for 3ish months), it's pretty exciting.

I had only been in the country for about a week and a half when one of my best friends Lyndee came to visit. I barely even knew my way around and already had to put my tour guide hat on. My base is in Lyon, food capital of France (and people ask why I chose this city...) But since Lyndee had never been to France before we had to take trip to #Paris. The train is about 2 hours from Lyon, and let me tell ya, train transportation is THE way to travel, plenty of legroom, free wifi, power outlets. Why would I ever travel any other way? (Lookin' at you airplanes).

So Lyndee landed early in the morning, I'm talking 7am. I met her at CDG airport, which she navigated like a pro and we made our way to our Airbnb. It was definitely a trek pulling our bags across the cobblestone, but once we got to our digs it was totally worth it. Look at our view! We even had a teeeeeny tiny sliver of the Eiffel Tower.

After we unpacked we immediately hit the town. Now, from past traveling experience, I would've taken a nap. I mean Lyndee just got off an 8 hour plane ride, jet lag is no joke. But she was ready to go, so off we went. We first stopped at Gerard Mulot to get the best macarons in the city, you can quote me, they're the best. We went to Luxembourg Gardens with our treats and enjoyed the sunny weather.

Next up was Sainte Chapelle. Now this is another MUST visit in Paris. It's a gothic chapel that was constructed in the 13th century and has one of the largest collections of stained glass. Just trust. And right next door in Notre Dame. I had never been when an actual church service was underway, so that was really cool to witness.

After we had walked around for a good 8 miles we finally went back to the Airbnb for a little R&R before heading out to get soufflés at Le Soufflé. Another must. Once we had eaten all the egg-y deliciousness we could handle, we walk around the Tuileries Garden at night to work off the 30 pounds we had just gained.

And that was our first night in Paris!

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