Why you should do an in-home photo session.

One of the most important parts of a photo session is choosing a location. It's one of the first things people ask when booking, "do you have any locations you like?" I have a full page dedicated to photo spots I love. When choosing a location there's some things you want to keep in mind. Do you like the outdoors? Do you want something more rustic or urban? Do you mind an admission fee? Sometimes no location fits, maybe a member of the family isn't very mobile, maybe you have a little kiddo that has a finicky schedule, or maybe you just want something a little more personal. That's where the In-Home Photo Session comes in.

In-home sessions are a more relaxed, stress free session. You don't have to worry about traffic or parking or dad not having his shirt ironed before leaving the house with just enough time that you won't miss your session. These sessions are incredibly personal, when you look back at them the backdrop won't be some random park you've never been to. It'll be your home, captured as it was in the moment. Don't worry about cleaning it perfectly, the imperfection is what makes it authentically you!

My most recent in-home session was with the Tanner family. The occasion was definitely a difficult one. Their furry family member Ellie was incredibly sick and likely not to make it much longer. Loribeth's friend had reached out to me about taking photos of the family before she passed. Unfortunately Ellie wasn't very mobile, so going to a park was out of the question. I assured Loribeth that her home would be perfect. It's where Ellie had made her mark and that would be shown in her images. I was able to capture sitting on the floor cuddles, the cutest dinner time begging, and lots of belly rubs.

If you're located in Dallas, Texas and are interested in booking an in-home family, couples, or portrait session I'd love to hear from you! You can send me a message here.

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