Dallas Location Guide

by Leah Goetzel

Oak Lawn Park

Uptown, Dallas

Oak Lawn is one of my favorite locations because it combines an urban, city feel with a nice nature component. It has a beautiful gazebo and white pillared building that can add structure and interest to any shoot. And the lighting around sunset is gorgeous poking through the trees!


Best time of day : About an hour before sunset or right at sunrise. 

Cost : free

Parking : unmetered spots on Lee pkwy

Accessibility : great! Easy parking, and relatively flat. 

Griggs Park

Uptown, Dallas

Griggs park is a new spot for me located in Uptown. It provides a great downtown skyline shot. I love the cool residential feel. It reminds me a little of New York. If you want something super accessible and relatively quiet (unlike Deep Ellum or Downtown) but still with an urban vibe and neat architecture this spot might be for you! 

Best time of day : Two hours leading up to sunset. If you want a skyline shot you definitely don't want harsh afternoon light. 

Cost : free

Parking : metered and unmetered spots all around. I like parking off State and Thomas. 

Accessibility : great! Easy parking and super easy to navigate. 

Downtown Dallas

Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum is such a fun location, it might even be my favorite place to shoot. If you want an urban environment with lots of fun colors, this is the location for you! I love popping into local coffee shops and breweries to capture my couples vibe. There are tons of different murals scattered around, so go walk and explore! There's not a whole lot of shade in this location, so go in the evening or early morning! I also highly reccommend a weekday shoot as weekends can get very busy! 


Best time of day : two hours leading up to sunset on a weekday. Not much shade and very crowded on weekends. 

Cost : free

Parking : metered spots, parking lots and  free parking on Crowdus street. Give yourself at least 15 minutes to find parking. 

Accessibility : medium, relatively flat but lots of intersections and walking. 

Downtown Dallas

Various Rooftops

So many great fun spots to explore! These garages are fantastic if you want skyline views. You can tack these spots onto Deep Ellum or Oak Lawn park! Sunrise or sunset is a must since there is no shade! It can also get a little windy!  


Best time of day : hour before sunset, otherwise the light is much too harsh. 

Cost : free + garage entry ($2-$10)

Parking : in the garages

Accessibility: medium, some have a few stairs to climb.